Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting Ahead Means a Busy Summer for College Students

Do students really slow down over the summer or are they just as busy as they were during the school year? I came across the article As summer approaches, college student's don't slow down on, and it resonated with me.

Thinking back, summers were always super busy for me. There was one summer that I juggled an internship for college credit, swim practice for my college team and three paid jobs  lifeguard, swim coach and private swim lesson instructor.

Talk about exhausting.

But with such a competitive job market and stiff economy, students need all the experience they can get to help them land a job after graduation and sitting on the couch all summer just won't cut it.

"Wasted summer days are a thing of the past for students, as internships, part-time jobs and experience opportunities lace summer schedules like extra semesters," said Alec Berry, USA TODAY Collegiate Correspondent.

We are a generation of multitaskers, which is a quality I see in myself that makes me proud. I encourage students to use their summer months wisely, but also to take advantage of these upcoming summer months (while you still can!) and have some fun too.

You tell me – Does the summer mean more work and less play, or are you able to find balance and enjoy some time for yourself?

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