Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall has arrived. Hello sweater season.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Where did August go?, I can't believe how fast time is passing. Summer was a blur.

Although I am sad to see summer go, I am excited that fall is just around the corner and here is why:

1.  Decor - It may sound silly, but I love the fact that I get to set up fall decorations. My husband and I just recently bought a house, so this is the first holiday season that I can decorate our home. My mom was always big on decorating the house growing up, depending on the season, as was her mom, so I guess it runs in the family.

2.  Sweaters and boots - Who doesn't love wearing comfy warm clothes? Enough said.

3.  Food - As the temperature outside changes, so does what we eat. It is so nice to cook something and let the warmth of the oven fill the house. I'm thinking chili and chicken potpie.

But that's just my take on things. Why do you like fall?

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